The relationships between stakeholders that are at the basis of innovation in FM - Adapted from EN15521 (2006)

Innovation og FM

Giulia Nardelli er i efteråret 2014 påbegyndt et post.doc. studie som bygger på hendes Ph.D. in Innovation and FM. En engelsk beskrivelse af studiet findes nedenfor.

The heterogeneity of stakeholders in FM services makes it difficult for internal and external providers to manage innovation processes. Nevertheless, to successfully contribute to the core business and related strategy, FM innovation processes should enhance the collaboration among heterogenous parties. Broadly grounded in innovation theories, the Post-Doc research specifically builds on the existing work on open innovation and value co-creation to investigate the context of FM services.

The Post-Doc research adopts a qualitative approach to study the unfolding, management, measurement and potential of stakeholder management through open innovation and value co-creation approaches by emphasising the case of FM services. The research design includes an extensive literature review and empirical work in the European and Danish context, e.g., an in-depth, longitudinal case study of a Dutch FM innovation platform and the investigation over time of innovation partnerships between Danish FM service providers and their clients. 

The expected results of this research are meant to have both theoretical and practical relevance, as the Post-Doc research aims at shedding light on the applicability in and potential of theories and practices on open innovation and value co-creation within the service context, and specifically within FM