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Wednesday 21 May 2014 – Conference day 1 with Opening

Conference opening session by Chair Per Anker Jensen, CFM

Welcome to DTU
Søren Salomo, Director of Institute, DTU Managment Engineering

Welcome addresses
Danny Then, CIB W070
Geir Hansen, CIB W111
Kim Haugbølle, CIB W118

Keynote: Building a full circle FM organization at DTU
Jacob Steen Møller, Director of Facilities, DTU Campus Service

Research track 1: FM performance and industry maturity

A framework for Key Performance Indicators for a Holistic Facility Performance Assessment (Paper 9), S. Lavy, J.A. Garcia and M.K. Dixit
Theoretical Underpinnings of the Feeder Factors Integration Framework (Paper 43), Maulidi A. Banyani and Danny S.S. Then 
Making-do – Illusion of Effective Service Processes (Paper 58), Tuuli Jylhä, Heidi Rasila and Auli Karjalainen

Research track 2: Sustainable building development                  

Comparison of two passive house schools in Norway and Germany (Paper 6), Antje Junghans and Thomas Berker 
Delivering and operating low-energy buildings in France and Sweden (Paper 56), Frédéric Bougrain and Paula Femenías
Sustainable Development: High Costs offset by Effective Project Management (Paper 66), Olive du Preez

Research track 3: Workplace management

Measuring the Added Value of Workplace Change: Comparison between Theory and Practice (Paper 19), Chaiwat Riratanaphong and Theo J.M. van der Voordt
Managing workplaces towards sustainability (Paper 54), Heidi Rasila, Anne Sundqvist and Tuuli Jylhä 
The Key Factors Behind Effective Use of University Laboratories (Paper 61), Jyrki Yläoutinen, Suvi Nenonen and Kalle Kähkönen

Research track 4: Clients and users 

Mapping fields of interest - A systematic literature review on public clients in construction(Paper 8), Pieter Eisma and Leentje Volker
The shared building portfolio: An exploration and typology(Paper 23), Rikke Brinkø, Juriaan van Meel and Susanne Balslev Nielsen
Different Perspectives on Facilities Management to Incorporate in BIM (Paper 27), Mohammad Mayouf, David Boyd and Sharon Cox

Thursday 22 May 2014

Day 2 opening session by Chair Per Anker Jensen, CFM

Welcome address
Liselotte Panduro, DFM - Danish Facilities Management Association

Keynote: From cubicles to coworking – workplaces in an open world
Juriaan van Meel, Senior Researcher at CFM and Partner in ICOP

Practice track 1: Invited speakers and case studies

Effective Facility Management and Operations via a BIM-based Integrated Information System(Paper 35), Pouriya Parsanezhad and Johannes Dimyadi
Space design as a strategic tool for better performance, Per Feldthaus, Partner at SIGNAL Architects and Adjunct Professor
Benchmarking of FM departments of 8 Scandinavian hospitals (Paper 10), Håkon Kvåle Gissinger and Marit Støre-Valen
Workplace management – a missing piece in the FM-puzzle?, Siri Blakstad, Vice President at Reinertsen and Adjunct Professor, NTNU

Research track 5: Building condition and evaluation

The office users’ experience of mixed-mode systems: behavioural thermoregulation (Paper 28), Angela Alessi, Christopher Heywood and Scott Drake
A Rating System for Buildings Condition Ranking (Paper 59), Mario Claudio Dejaco, Fulvio Re Cecconi and Sebastiano Maltese
Questionnaire Design for Objective Evaluation of Performance of Built Facilities (Paper 69), Gopikrishnan, Seshadhri and Dr VM Topkar

Practice track 2: Invited speakers and industry studies

Facility Management in Novozymes - from local -> global, Søren S. Prahl, Manager in Novozymes
Analysing Facilities Management Industry Maturity: A Qualitative Approach (Paper 42), Maulidi A. Banyani and Danny S.S. Then
FM Friendly Buildings – Approach, Tools and ResultsPoul Henrik Due, Chief Consultant at Grontmij A/S
Outsourcing: A cost-saving approach in FM? (Paper 51), Alexander Redlein and Michael Zobl

Research track 6: Energy management 

Investigating the energy performance and maintenance resources of quality hotels in HongKong (Paper 4), Joseph H.K. Lai
A Facility Management Approach to Reducing Energy and Carbon Footprint of Built Facilities (Paper 18), M.K.  Dixit, C.H. Culp, J.L. Fernandez-Solis and S. Lavy
Assessing the Energy Efficiencies of Individual Departments within Universities with the ‘DEA Energy Management System’: An Empirical Study (Paper 46), Kung-Jen Tu

Friday 23 May 2014 – Conference day 3 with Closing

Research track 7: Usability and user experiences

People Flow and Experienced Safety – Use-Centric Method to Improve the Product (Paper 60), Hannu Nousu, Terhi Väistö, Suvi Nenonen and Astrid Mangs
The Users’ Relocation Process: A University Faculty’s Staff Experiences (Paper 29), Cristopher Heywood, Peggie Rothe and Anna-Liisa Sarasoja
User Experience of Creative Class District: Studying Punavuori Neighborhood in Helsinki (Paper 26), Sari Tähtinen, Inka Kojo and Suvi Nenonen
Usability Briefing – A Process Model for Healthcare Facilities(Paper 39), Aneta Fronczek-Munter

Research track 8: Sustainability and climate change

An Essay on the Notion of Sustainability: Opportunities and Dangers (Paper 3), Paul Dettwiler
International trends for sustainability in FM: Evaluation of policy and FM competence in Norway and UK (Paper 7), Antje Junghans, Abbas Elmualim and Ingemund Skålnes
Employing back casting principles for the formation of long term built asset management strategies - A theoretical approach(Paper 12), Keith Jones, Apeksha Desai and Mark Mulville
Sustainable Resilience in Property Maintenance: Encountering Changing Weather Conditions (Paper 38), Rimante Andrasiunaite Cox, Susanne Balslev Nielsen and Carsten Rode

Research track 9: Usability and learning environments

User Experience in an Academic Coworking Place: The Case of Aalto University’s Design Factory (Paper 14)´, Inka Kojo and Suvi Nenonen 
Facilitating interdisciplinary learning communities a case study from Finland (Paper 32), Eelis Rytkönen and Erica Österlund
Value Adding Space Management in Higher Education (Paper 49), Mette Tinsfeldt og Per Anker Jensen
Usable and Affordable Physical and Virtual Learning Environments (Paper 62), Niclas Sandström, Robert Eriksson, Kirsti Lonka and Suvi Nenonen

Research track 10: FM innovation and technology

Big Data as innovative approach for usability evaluations of buildings(Paper 5), Nils Olsson, Heidi Bull-Berg and Antje Junghans 
Tools for Stakeholder Involvement in Facility Management Service Design (Paper 30), Giulia Nardelli and Ada Scupola
Identifying Concepts for Studying Implementation of Information Technology in Facilities Management(Paper 40), Poul Ebbesen and Sten Bonke

Conference Closing Session by Chair Susanne Balslev Nielsen

Keynote: FM Research - Meeting the needs of Industry?
Keith Jones, Professor, Anglia Ruskin University

CIB coordinators' reflections
Danny Then, CIB W070