Paper, presentations and publication

Review of papers

Scientific papers are based on invitations to CFM’s research partners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Papers have been refereed by the scientific committee and selected in a two phase process using explicit criteria for originality, relevance and compliance. The scientific committee have undertaken a double-blind review of all abstracts and papers.


Submission of papers is based on a commitment that

  1. The author(s) will attend the conference to present and discuss their research, and give permission for the publication of their paper
  2. Papers present research not previously presented
  3. Papers have not previously been submitted for publication in another medium
  4. Papers are submitted as academic papers.


The conference will include plenary sessions with invited presentations as well as parallel workshops with a combination of presentation by researchers based on scientific papers. Presentation by invited practitioners and discussions with the audience.


The presentations can now be downloaded below:

Plenary session - presentation:

  • Jacob Steen Møller - Campus Development at DTU: link
  • Olav Egil Sæbøe - Critical Book Review: link
  • Per Anker Jensen and Theo van der Voort - Book presentation: link
  • Susanne Balslev Nielsen - 360 degree overview of the most striking drivers and mega trends in FM: link
  • Tore Haugen - University Campus of the Future: link

Track I - Workplaces and learning places:

  • Olli Niemi - Alternative learning environments: link
  • Ronald Beckers - A learning space odyssey: link
  • Suvi Nenonen - Third places and user preferences: link
  • Juriaan van Meel - Workplaces Today: link

Track II - Implementation of IT:

  • Helene Hjort Knudsen - Housing organizations using social media: link
  • Poul Ebbesen  - Information system strategies in FM: link
  • Francisco Forns-Samso - KPI visualization: link (ekstern link)

Track III - Value co-creation:

  • Claire Esther Forder - Aspects of value creation in the experience economy: link
  • Tibbe Knudsen - How to demonstrate the added value of FM: link
  • Vitalija Petrulaitiene - How can FM service providers improve their service: link

Track IV - Shared space:

  • Rikke Brinkø - Shared space: link
  • Susanne Balslev Nielsen - Dannelse af kommunale ejendomscentre: link
  • Suvi Nenonen - The evolving modern workspace: link

Track V - Sustainable development:

  • Andreas Økland - Flexibility as enabler of sustainability: link
  • Christian Roberto Valle Kinloch - FMs role towards energy management: link
  • Dave Collins - Green and sustainable: link


Track VI - Usable facilities:

  • Aneta Fronczek-Munter - Usability briefing: link
  • Johan van der Zwart - Usability evaluations of hospitals: link
  • Julie Indrelid - Integrating security into building design: link
  • Svein Bjørnberg - How FM can contribute to happiness: link



Accepted final papers will be published in a book with an ISBN number, which also will include introductions and summary of workshops. All participants in the conference will receive a copy of the book after the conference.

The proceedings can now be downloaded here.