Centre for Facilities Management – Realdania Research

Centre for Facilities Management (CFM) was established in January 2008 in order to strengthen research within Facilities Management (FM) - a relatively new field. FM deals with design, operation and development of buildings and infrastructure so it constantly is adjusted to user needs. So far there has been done only limited research in FM in Denmark. This background combined with a steadily rising interest from companies as well as a reorientation of the working field formed the basis for establishing this research centre. CFM is started with financial support from Realdania in the period 2008-2017.  

The Centre is organised with a Centre Office at the Technical University of Denmark and a Researchers' Forum. Furthermore, initiative is taken to create synergy between research and teaching activities.  

The Centre Office  - daily management:

 The Centre Committee (2008-2013):

The Scientific Committee (2008-2013):

Research Institutions:

Besides DTU the following research institutions cooperate with CFM: 

  • Danish Building Research Institute, The University of Aalborg
  • Centre for Service Studies, Roskilde University Centre Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, University of Southern Denmark
  • Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School
  • Centre for Industrial Architecture, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, Copenhagen

Furthermore, cooperation has been established with i.a. DFM, Danish Technological Institute, COWI and Rambøll Management.